Lighthouse Design for Helical PilesHISTORY OF HELICAL PILE TECHNOLOGY

Originally patented in 1833 by Alexander Mitchell for use in supporting lighthouses in coastal areas of the Northeast, Florida, and England. Today, the helical pile has evolved with research and development to become a preferred deep foundation system for many types of applications including elevation for homes, businesses, and boardwalks in storm devastated areas.



• Installs quickly for labor savings

• Small equipment use saves mobilization and operation cost

• Can be installed in areas where access is limited

• No vibration or surrounding area disturbance

• Small crews can install

• No spoils removal


CHANCE Helical Piles


A helical pile is driven into the ground much like a screw drives into wood. Extensions are added to a helical pile to continue its depth until load-bearing strata is reached. A structural engineer will assist your contractor in preparing a plan of repair for your home or business to ensure that your property is repaired or/and elevated properly.


Helical Piles Installation



Certified CHANCE Installers offers two primary systems for Home Elevation. The CHANCE Helical Pulldown® Micropile is a patented method to build a column of grout around a standard CHANCE Helical Pile system. And a traditional CHANCE Helical Pile is a versatile continuous system featuring either segmented Round Shaft (RS), Square Shaft (SS), or a combination of both RS and SS with helix bearing plates attached to the lead section.


Types of Piles for Elevated StructuresSTEEL HELICAL PILES

• Higher strength / capacity

• Elevated support to structures

• Corrosion protection

• Reduces overall cost of repair

• Resistant to buckling

• Stiffer load response