Prevent Cracks in Brick Walls with Proactive Foundation Repair

Cracks In BricksCracks in brick walls around your house exterior are unsightly, but worse, they can be early warning signs of serious structural damage to your home.

As your home ages, the soil underneath its foundation can settle and shift. This causes the foundation itself to move, as well. Too much movement; whether due to expanding/contracting soil, weather events, or poor drainage; can cause the foundation to crack, putting the structural integrity of your house at risk. But, if your home’s exterior is made of brick, you’re likely to see brick cracks around your home before any major structural damage becomes apparent. Don’t make the mistake many homeowners make in ignoring these early warning signs and dismissing them as cosmetic issues. Foundation damage may be the cause of brick cracks, and needs to be addressed.

It’s important for homeowners to be proactive in addressing cracks in exterior brick by bringing in a foundation repair expert to evaluate their home’s foundation. Fill out the form on this page and have a foundation repair specialist analyze your home’s brickwork and foundation for free!